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I Imagine the Fight Would be Something Like West Side Story

Weir and Lysacek, Hall and Oates Style. Image courtesy of

So, Olympic figure skaters Johnny (I love Gaga) Weir and Evan (Dancing with the Stars) Lysacek are in a verbal battle that is heating up as we speak.

According to reports, the pair, who have (allegedly) been at odds since Johnny roomed with Evan’s (alleged) GF – ice-dancer Tanith Belbin – at the Vancouver Olympics, are now fighting over comments Evan made to the Indianapolis Star this week.

Basically, from what I’ve read, Evan insinuated that Johnny wasn’t good enough to join others for Smucker’s Stars on Ice, and that he shouldn’t have whined about not being chosen. To which, Johnny replied “We are at war. My claws are out.” According to, Johnny also called Evan a “slore,” a mix between a slut and a whore. Love. It.
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Sail Away, Sail Away

Photo courtesy of

Someone in Boston really wants me to go sailing this weekend. I opened up my inbox this morning to find not one, but TWO e-mails telling me that sailing in the Harbor is the new thing to do, and I can get it at a discount!

First off, the Boston Sailing Center will be hosting an Open House Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2 at it’s Lewis Wharf location. Free sailboat rides will be offered, as well as discounted memberships and lessons.

In addition, today’s Boston Groupon is a 50 percent discount on either sailing lessons or a leisure cruise with Courageous Sailing of Charlestown. For $95, you and two friends can either learn to sail or take a calm two-hour coast in the Boston Harbor. While this sounds really lovely, I wonder why three people would want to take what seems to me like a romantic cruise on a sailboat…I mean, I can think of some reasons, but it’s not anything I would want to participate in.

Anyway, take advantage of the beautiful weekend (and hopefully future beautiful weather ahead of us). Bon Voyage!

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The Top 5 Contributions The Hills has Made to Society

As we began the final season of The Hills Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander back to the days at 41 Orkney Road watching the first season of Laguna Beach. A lot has happened in those six short years: I am actually considered an adult now, the economy went from great to bad, Michael Phelps has won countless gold medals, the country elected its first black president, and Lindsay Lohan has been to rehab a total of 77 times.

With all this change, I can’t help but wonder what this brand of reality television has taught us. Let the countdown begin:

1.True friends (or frenemies, or acquaintances lumped together for the sole purpose of the show) know what you’re thinking. All those silences between Audrina and Lauren (and Audrina and Lo, and Audrina and Justin Bobby) are really just signs that these people are so close, they don’t need words. Their bonds are so strong, that sentences don’t need to be finished. So deep.
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The Most Awesome Thing Ever?

So the boys over at Big Spaceship have taken it upon themselves to find the Most Awesomest Thing Ever.

Quite a quest, but it seems they’ve actually put the power in YOUR hands by letting users of their new site ( – how was this domain name not already taken?) choose the more awesome thing between two randomly selected…well, things.

So far, I’ve been able to choose Microsoft over muscle contraction and the Blacked-Eyed Peas over jalapenos. A thing receives a higher rank every time it’s chosen. The site looks a little bit like a scene from The Neverending Story and there’s really not much else to it other than clicking on a thing, but it’s nonsensical and I love it.

I would also like it noted in the above picture that the Internet is today’s Most Awesomest Thing. Over Life.

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Quote of the Day

On a day like today, when it’s almost May but still cold and rainy, we might just need a little inspiration to put a kick in our step:

“Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity.” – Christopher Morley

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It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing

Jake and Chelsie Samba. Photos courtesy of BuddyTV

Tonight, the celebrities take on the Argentine Tango or the Samba AND a Swing Dance marathon. Since the last Mambo marathon was so successful, I cannot wait for the Swing one! All of the dancers in the competition now are truly talented, and could win, so this season of Dancing with the Stars just. got. interesting! And Pam Anderson is loving her new brown ‘do. Let’s get this going!

Go Evan, go Evan!

Jake Pavelka, Samba: I think the thing I find most endearing about Jake is that he refuses to wear his shirt. Looking for the ladies’ vote there Jake? But, he’s truly adorable, and putting a lot of personality in his dances. The Samba always confuses me, and I’ve never seen anyone, save Melissa Rycroft, do a good one. So Jake’s was a little underwhelming. After a little trip-up, which he controlled, Bruno said he “didn’t wiggle correctly.”
Score: 7, 7, 7

Evan Lysacek, Samba: I love Evan. And I love Evan and Anna. I really think he’s a frontrunner, and I’m gonna call it now that he wins. Hmmm, Anna tried to kill him by flipping his massive body over her tiny, little itty-bitty back, no big deal. He’s alright. Shake those hips Evan! He’s another one that doesn’t like to wear a shirt. I think Bruno is going to love this. Oh man, was I wrong. I’m just blinded by my favorite. Carrie Ann said he “lost the battle with the Samba.” Booo Carrie Ann! The Samba’s just too hard!
Score: 7, 7, 7
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Are You with Us or Against Us?

I decided a few months ago that I was going to attempt the unthinkable: jump out of a plane. For those of you who know me well, you’re probably thinking “the hell she will.”

Well, the dye has been cast because I’ve set a date and found a place and all I need to do now is try not to vomit as we climb thousands of miles into the air above Long Island.

I’ll be keeping a countdown of the “Days ‘Til the Drop” on the sidebar to the right (no, your other right) and a tally of who’s on board. So far it’s just me and two crazy Dommermuth kids. They’re up for anything.

If you want to join us and I haven’t spoken to you about this yet, just e-mail me at and we’ll get you fitted for a nice parachute. T-minus 82 days.


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I’m Kind of in Love with this Commerical

AT&T, pulling at my heart strings:

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What I Think Love Should Be

There are very few films that accurately depict what I think love really is, because, over time and experience, I’ve learned that nothing’s perfect and not everything has a happy ending. I don’t necessarily believe in soulmates, or that there’s one right person for everyone. But I do believe (or I guess trust) that two people can stay together forever.

For me, the perfect love story has always been Fever Pitch. Now don’t laugh – I’m serious! Have you ever loved someone enough to run across the field at Fenway Park? During a playoff game? Against the Yankees?? If you’re saying yes, then you’re lucky.
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NCAA Expands Men’s Basketball Tournament…Kind of

65 to 68. CBS and TBS. My head is spinning. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I just got an alert from the Washington Post on my phone and it read “NCAA to Expand Basketball Tournament.” I said “ugh” loudly in disgust and then realized there were people around me who weren’t getting this alert (if they had, I’m sure they would have understood).

In my mind all I could think was how terrible having a 96-team tournament – the number that’s been tossed around for the past few months – would be. My favorite time of year ruined by corporate greed. But then I actually opened the e-mail and saw that the NCAA would only be adding three teams – from 65 to 68. What?! That doesn’t even make any sense. And, I have yet to read an article from a major news outlet that explains this move.
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