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Picture of the Day

Photo courtesy of Thierry Bornier, My Shot/National Geographic

Slow news days force me to post random things, so while this photo of a terraced rice field in China has no significance to this blog, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

For more photos of the day, click here.

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Guy of the Month: Denny Carroll

Name: Denis with one “N,” also answers to Bobo and Dad
Age: 60
Likes: College basketball, Miller Light, Cheez-its, acronyms
Dislikes: Vegetables and authority

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re honoring my father. What, what! There’s so many wonderful things I could say about my dad. I could fill this post with so many sappy memories and heartfelt expressions that it would make you weep. But I feel like the best expression of how great my dad is can only come through in one great story from my childhood.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Two More Jumpers

Uncle Dan and Miss Amanda

Just a month before the Turnbull Clan is set to jump out into the abyss over the East End of Long Island, our crew has gotten two members bigger.

Danny Ulrich, husband, friend and father of three beautiful children, along with the lovely Amanda Turnbull, surfer gal and James Madison senior, have jumped (pun intended) on board with this asinine plan, going down (ha, I did it again) July 17.

Honestly, I don’t know what these people are thinking. I know I’m the mastermind of this entire operation, but my stomach flops every time I think about standing at the open door of an airplane and looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. Ugh. There it went again.

But I do want to give a shout out to the peeps at Long Island Skydiving. I think I’ve called them about 723 times in the past month, to discuss sign-ups, safety regs, etc., and every time they humor me. Just wait until I’m strapped to John Tandem screaming my face off thousands of miles above the earth. They’re gonna really like me then.


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The Bullpen’s Made for Lovin’

Photo courtesy of

I think girls all over the world will back me up when I say that we dream about this kind of thing happening all the time, but never actually believe it will. So when it happens to someone else, we simultaneously want to be her and want to rip what we will tell everyone is a weave right off her head.

Last year, the Seattle Mariners were playing against the Oakland A’s in a game at Safeco Field. Watching from the bullpen, catcher Jason Phillips spotted a girl in the stands that he knew he just had to meet, but was having trouble working up the nerve (AND, there was kind of a game going on at the time…you know, your job!).

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Vanderslice 6-1-7

Back: Kelly and Jen; Middle: Evelyn, Kelly, Mo, Margo, Suzy and Katie; Front: Becca.

I woke up to a lovely e-mail from Miss Mo Cooke this morning, reminding me and my eight sophomore-year roommates that it’s June 17, or 617, the day everyone should be celebrating the year that all nine of us co-habitated in a three-bedroom dorm and didn’t kill each other.

Between all the “notes from the management,” the trash, the singing, the puke in the middle of the hallway and the Easy Mac (sorry), it’s a wonder we made it through to junior year. But I’m glad it all happened, every single minute, and I wouldn’t change it one bit.

Love to all my ladies. I miss you guys so much!


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Soooo Pimp

According to ESPN, Florida’s Miami-Dade county will have a new name come July 1. Call it Miami-WADE County, in honor of the Heat’s greatest player, Dwyane Wade, obviously.

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, county commissioners decided on the week-long name change “in recognition of all that Dwyane Wade has done for the visibility, stature and national image,” of Miami-Dade. But as ESPN also reports, Wade becomes a free agent on July 1, and clearly this is all a ploy to keep him with the Heat. How can you not stay in a county named after you?

“It’s about who can come to Miami,” Wade told on Wednesday. “It’s about who do you trust, who can fit the organization, who best fits you as a player, things of that nature.” So this county name change is not going to cement your decision to stay or go? Shocker.

Here’s to hoping Miami-Wade/Miami-Dade sets a precedent for future county name changes. When I become rich and famous, I want Orange County, NY to become Orange You Glad Kelly Lived Here County, NY.

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When G-Chat Conversations are a Comment on Real Life

Todd: you my friend are not a fox weasel combo
Todd: you are more like a baby rabbit
me: hey! that’s kind of offensive
I can hold my own
Todd: baby rabbits are cute
me: yeah, but I chopped one up in my lawn mower last fall

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Clearly, God Does Not Want This Oil Cleaned Up

Photo courtesy of the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement

According to the Washington Post:

“BP has shut down siphoning efforts from its leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico after a ship collecting the oil caught fire, the company says. The fire is believed to have been caused by lightning. BP says the capture operation is expected to resume later Tuesday.”

My prediction is that later today a killer whale and his entire family will attack the ship, rendering it useless and spilling out all of the already-siphoned oil. Just a guess.

Other things destroyed by lightening this week: USA Today

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Good Friends Doing Good Things

I’m super lucky that I have friends who believe in certain causes. And I’m really lucky that I have friends who are active. If I didn’t, I 1) wouldn’t have anything to blog about, and 2) would not be able to partake in free beer.

On May 1, all of my Ya-Ya-s, both full-fledged and junior status, made their way to Thomas Bull Park in Montgomery NY for the 2010 Arthritis Walk. For those of you who don’t know, May was National Arthritis Month. Those partaking in the Walk do so in honor of a family member or friend who has arthritis (GO AM!), and participants can choose between a three and one-mile course. This year, walkers raised more than $43,000 in support of the fight against arthritis.

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Time to Finally See What Those U2 Commercials Have Been All About

I haven’t played soccer since I was 13, when I was on the “yellow” team and basically watched people run around me. One time, I scored a goal against my own team. I was pretty terrible. But I’m sure I can speak for all of you when I say those FIFA World Cup commercials I’ve been seeing since January have renewed my spirit for real “football,” which has pretty much been dormant since Brandi Chastain hit that shoot-out goal against China and made everyone think a woman in a sports-bra was slutty. Was that 11 years ago already? You’ve got to be kidding me.

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