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Thanksgiving Three Words 2013

Can you say what you’re thankful for in three words? These guys can! This is one of my most favorite things I do all year, and I’m so excited to share it with you all. I’m also so grateful to everyone that participates!

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”

Happy. Thanks. Giving.

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Best Moments from the Presidential Inauguration


It’s Inauguration Day! I am such a sucker for pomp and circumstance and tradition and democracy and America! My goodness. How wonderful and great (however, I was a little disappointed to learn yesterday that Barack Obama was already sworn-in to office, but we can’t have everything all the time). 

If you watched the Inauguration ceremony, you’re probably sitting at home right now toasting your forefathers and the framers of the Constitution. I am too. If you didn’t get to watch the Inauguration (probably because your company doesn’t support Martin Luther King, Jr., which is terrible), then I have my list of the top moments. Read this, and you’ll be able to join in all the intellectual conversations people start with you today. You’re welcome. 

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It’s a Hard Knock Life: UPDATE

Since I’ve alerted all of you to this fiasco, I thought I should let everyone know that my wallet has been found and is now back in my possession where it belongs. I have to thank the staff at the Palace Theater for being so awesome, especially Tom, the carpenter, and the glamorous Barbara with the fabulous headscarf. I also need to thank Uncle Tom and Aunt Eileen for being so awesome in times of crisis, and my mom, for her efforts:

Jean: It wasn’t stolen from you. I think you did what you think you did and that was thinking that you put it in your pocketbook and instead laid it on top of it and when you picked up your bag the wallet fell on the ground. A very very nice family that had to pass your seat to get out picked it up, tried to catch up with you and couldn’t so they bought it to the lost and found. period, end of story.
me: haha do we live in a fairytale world?
Jean: yes and I like it here

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It’s a Hard Knock Life

photo (7)

In the past year since I moved to New York City, my life seemed to settle down quite a bit. You’ve probably noticed this because of the slow down on the blog. Don’t get me wrong, New York City is filled with crazy, and every day you take your life into your hands just by walking outside. Literally, going into the subway these days might as well be suicide. But, in the past year, I’ve moved into a great apartment on my own, landed a new job, started volunteering at a cancer hospital…I’m basically awesome and perfect at being a New Yorker. There has been little of the crazy that was following me all over Boston, like when I took my friends out to dinner and we ended up starring in a reality show, or that time the limo with the fully stocked wet bar picked me up on Comm Ave. There was one night at Sparks Steakhouse that was pretty interesting…but I digress.

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Bring on Lucky 13!

Here it is! The obligatory end-of-the-year slideshow! I hope this 2012 recap brings a little bit of joy into your New Year’s Eve, and serves as an album for the future.

There are so many tough things we can remember about 2012, but so many happy and awesome things too – the birth of babies, weddings, 60th birthdays, new jobs, amazing trips, and Army almost beating Navy (heartbreaker). Tonight as the ball drops, hug your loved ones and think back on all the good things that 2012 has brought us. It can only get better in Lucky 2013.

My love to you all and Happy New Year – I can’t wait to spend the next year (and many more) at your sides!

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Remembering All the Lives Lost in Newtown, CT

“Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members — the last, the least, the littlest.” - Cardinal Roger Mahony

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What are You Thankful for this Year?

One month ago I challenged my loved ones to tell me everything they were thankful for this year…in three words. It’s a bit that Good Morning America does, and not only is it heartwarming, but it’s pretty inspiring to see all of the different things people cherish in their lives. As a group I think we did pretty well, although it seemed a bit of a challenge to stay within the rules. It doesn’t matter, this video is awesome. And don’t miss the Thanksgiving surprise at the end!

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Champagne Problems at an Upper East Side Voting Station

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited to vote. During the presidential election of 2004, I was in college, and voted via absentee ballot. In 2008, I was working as a reporter in the Hamptons, unable to go home to vote, and again, submitted my choice via absentee. I so looked forward to casting my vote at a polling station, among people also in love with government, politics, and civic duty.

It’s now clear that I expected too, too much.

With the day off of work, I took my time getting my act together this morning and slowly made my way down to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on E. 74th Street. I got on the line, which bent up 1st Avenue, at 9:45a.m. It was chilly out, but the sun was shining, and my spirit was still way up.

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Donations Needed!

Columbia Law School is collecting blankets, non-perishable food and clothing (preferably warm clothing, including coats) to assist those affected by the storm. I will be up at West Point this weekend if anyone wants to drop off donations at either my parents’ house or our AAA Lot football tailgate. If you’re in the city, you can drop off donations at William and June Warren Hall, 1125 Amsterdam Avenue, 5th Floor.

Every teeny, tiny, little bit counts. Be well!

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Don’t Worry Guys, Halloween Happened

Proving that you can’t count an Upper East Side helicopter parent out, Halloween proceeded as scheduled Wednesday night, with some streets in the high 70s blocked off for ardent trick-or-treaters. There were magicians, there were superheroes, and there were some slutty 14-year olds in really high, really sparkly stripper boots. Now, since everyone knows that 14 in UES years is really 27, I don’t think these girls should have been trick-or-treating. They should have been at a bar smoking a cigarette, drinking gin and tonics and talking about how emotionally stunted their boyfriends are. That’s what I did…I mean…what?

I’m happy to report that the brownstones on 77th know how to have a good time. The front stoops were decorated to the hilt, and two classy dames were handing out candy in full costume regalia. One of them was clearly a superhero I never heard of, and the other was wearing silly glasses. Aces.

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