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Here We Are 11 Years Later…

Eleven years seem like a long time. I remember being 11, and thinking I had been on the earth for centuries. Now, at 28, 11 doesn’t seem so long. Especially the past 11 years, which seem to have flown by.

In what is now becoming a tradition, my family and I went down to Ground Zero last Friday to pay our respects to those fallen in the September 11, 2001 attacks. And like every time, there were tears, and there were hugs, and there were the whispers of everyone around, because Ground Zero is the only place in New York that’s quiet. It’s a place of deep reverence. It’s a church, in the wind.

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Margo and Jeremiah’s Wedding Video!

The final installment of the wedding video series is here – Margo and Jeremiah Mullane’s! Held in Springfield, MA on July 28, this wedding was the perfect end to Wedding Season 2010-2012, which included nine weddings in total, and was the busiest 20+ months of my life, but so. much. fun. (Before we begin, I should warn you that there’s some Kelly Carroll singing at the end of this video. I apologize in advance.)

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Katie and Drew’s Wedding Weekend: The Video!

So I’m still recuperating from the weekend extravaganza that was Katie and Drew’s wedding, and if you’ve talked to me in the past few weeks, I probably told you what a fantastic time it was! Well, now I have the video to prove it. So here, for your viewing pleasure, the Poff-Wiechnicki slideshow, with music by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Mat Kearney. Enjoy!


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The Streets of Heaven are too Crowded with Angels

It wasn’t lost on me that I would be moving back to New York very close to the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I wrote last year about what that day was like for me, and how it changed my world. Because 9/11 had such an impact on me and my family, I thought it was only right that I pay a visit to the Ground Zero site this weekend.

The last time I was at Ground Zero was 2001. I remember the posters and pictures of loved ones who were still missing. They were posted for blocks, on the walls of buildings, on the gates of Trinity Church. Although at the time we all kept up hope, 10 years later, many, if not all of those people were never to be found. I remember people crowding the streets. So many people had flocked to Ground Zero 10 years ago. I remember piles of rubble.

10 years later, the posters are gone. The flocks of people have subsided. New, and might I add, beautiful buildings have been built. But even though a decade has passed, there’s still rubble. 10 years later, there’s still a hole in New York City.

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There’s a New Baby in Town!

On Friday, July 15, 2011 at 6:38pm, my cousin Debbe gave birth to the newest addition to the Turnbull family, Raegan Jeanette Weisner. She’s a beautiful 8 pounds, 9 ounces of a baby and I can already tell she’s gonna be a rip. Oh I just want to hug her!

Mom and baby are doing great, but I heard dad, the big man that he is, almost fainted. Oh Rae, I have some good dirt on your dad. Come to me anytime.

Congratulations to Matt, Debbe, all the Weisners and all the Dickinsons. Welcome to the world, baby girl! We love you to pieces already.


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RJ and Nicole’s Wedding: The Videos

Finally! We can relive the day! Watch all the videos here and after the jump:

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RJ and Nik’s Wedding: An Appe-teaser

It’s going to take me about 500 years to get all of the pictures, video and stories I have from RJ and Nik’s wedding weekend up on the blog. So for those of you who couldn’t join us at the rehearsal dinner, here’s the wedding slideshow we played for the happy couple.

Congratulations to the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull! And to Kingston, who’s no longer from a broken home.

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It’s All About Pippa


When Pippa Middleton stepped out of her chauffeured car on the morning of the Royal Wedding a few weeks back, both my mom and I gasped at how beautiful Kate’s younger sister looked in her bridesmaid’s dress. “That’s it.” I said. “She just stole the show.” While Jeanie tried to argue that nothing could take the day away from Kate and her Alexander McQueen dress, people were creating Facebook pages dedicated to Pippa’s ass. So I think I was right.

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The Royal Wedding is Finally Here: “A Splash of Color on the Hard Road We Have to Travel”

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK

The countdown is over and today is the day. The streets of London are lined with people, and it has yet to start to rain. Union Jacks are everywhere, and Kate Middleton has probably started to get ready to become a princess. Love is in the air.

In my opinion, the state of the British monarchy rests on this marriage, which clearly is a lot of pressure. But I think today marks a new era for royalty in Britain. Only time will tell, but either way, today will no doubt be splendid.

Read on for LIVE updates!

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Royal Wedding Week: You’re Invited!

You didn’t think I’d let this go by without some live-blogging did you? Put on your big hats and join us tomorrow at 4 AM EST, as I’ll be doing my best to stay awake wittily comment on everything that’s going on at the Goring Hotel, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

And for those of you who can’t join in on the fun from the comforts of their own couch, you can steam the Royal Wedding live on YouTube, starting at 10 AM London time (5 AM to you Yanks) here.

See you tomorrow!

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