Four Basketball Games and a Funeral…

Florence Johnston, 1918-2010.

So yesterday we laid to rest a great lady, my great aunt, Florence Johnston, at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. She was 91. For the past seven years Aunt Flo battled Alzheimer’s, and thought she was on a cruise around the world. She was an amazing lady, a tough cookie, and I’m sure raising hell in Heaven. Big up to Aunt Flo.

It may seem pretty inappropriate than to mix basketball talk in this post, but we mixed basketball watching into our funeral duties yesterday so I’m doing it.

I always love myself a double-overtime game, but when you’ve been awake for basically 24 hours and are emotionally spent, its difficult to stay awake. I have to admit I fell asleep with about a minute left to go in the second overtime of the Xavier-Kansas St. game. I’m not proud of it, but it happened. I’m glad Kansas St. won, not because I have them advancing, but because if they had lost Frank Martin may have waited in the parking lot to kill the referee who didn’t call the initial foul the Wildcats tried for at the end of regulation.

Highlights Here!

The West Virginia Mountain Mamas Mountaineers are moving on, despite injuries, and I feel myself getting closer and closer to a trip to the Final Four. I know there is still a ways to go, but I’m getting good vibes from Bobby Huggins and co. (and they’re the only Final Four team from my bracket left.) I’ll be wearing my yellow and blue on Saturday.

Alex Herrmann’s perfect bracket was broken yesterday when the Orangemen lost to Butler. But not to fret, he picked the other three games correctly. This story is freakin’ amazing. I have a college degree and a master’s. My father was a college basketball coach. I’ve played basketball since I was 8-years old, and I managed a Division I team in college. I think I have two teams left in my bracket. Lesson: March doesn’t care who you are.

And finally, hand claps all around for Cornell and their trip to the Sweet 16, which was dismantled last night by evil John Calipari and his minions. True story: recently, before the tournament started, my dad had a conversation with a young, blonde, pretty (I’m pretty sure he was hitting on her) Kentucky grad about what a crook John Calipari is and how he should never be allowed around college basketball. Her response: “I don’t care if he has sex with little boys, as long as he wins.” Real talk. Ashley Judd should be worried about her uberfan status.

‘Til tonight kids!


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2 responses to “Four Basketball Games and a Funeral…

  1. Indira Mandoske

    Bon Voyage Aunt Flo!
    May our cruise through life leave a wake of good memories as did Aunt Flo’s.

  2. Audrey

    Your dad has the best conversations with people. ever.

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