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Audrey Marks is Proud of Me

So, all of the people I went to grad school with are pretty much amazing, and every day they each make their own great mark on the world, both big and small. And, since many of them are receiving accolades and becoming big shots in their fields of choice, I, as an only child, needed some validation that I was still loved. Enter Audrey Marks, who circulated this very important memo for your perusal:

This list (which includes two more bullet points that didn’t fit on the page) is now framed and hanging in my cubicle. I will refer to it when my spreadsheets aren’t up to par and the witty blog quips just aren’t coming as quickly. Audrey Marks, you my friend are the ultimate memo-maker.

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Picture of the Day

Photo courtesy of Thierry Bornier, My Shot/National Geographic

Slow news days force me to post random things, so while this photo of a terraced rice field in China has no significance to this blog, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

For more photos of the day, click here.

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