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Jennifer Aniston and I Clearly Go to the Same Trainer

Jennifer Aniston’s latest installment of Smartwater ads is completely bonkers, and this one in particular (the one where her abs look dangerously similar to my own), stares back at me every time I leave my office. I have not yet decided if this is motivating or just down right mean. Thank you, Smartwater.

Clearly, there are things that I need to know about Jennifer Aniston’s workout routine and diet so that I too can look EXACTLY like that. Just in case Jennifer reads this blog, I’m going to list them below. And, begin:

1. How much Smartwater do you drink a day? Is it only Smartwater, or will the water from the tap in my office (which is no longer contaminated, thank you city of Boston) suffice?

2. Do you eat Chipotle burritos? How often?

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Moms Give the Best Advice

Just received this lovely e-mail from my mom. Clearly the Kelly in her mind gets into a lot of street fights.

Carroll, J. MS DOC to me

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

How’s work going?  Don’t punch anyone in the face.

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Prince Harry Comes to West Point…

Harry at West Point. Photo courtesy of Telegraph.

…and all I got was this t-shirt.

On his second official visit to NY this weekend, HRH Harry stopped by West Point for some target practice Friday, and no one informed me about it ahead of time. So here I am, visiting stupid Chicago (I’m kidding, Chicago’s awesome), while royalty is literally right outside my door. How am I ever going to be a princess if my mom doesn’t notify me of these things! Anyway, enjoy the video below.

P.S. Harry, our kids would be gorgeous gingers!

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