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Sammie Wants to Know if This is My New Boyfriend

He doesn’t really like labels, but I’m actually pregnant with his child. Gonna be a bitch to give birth to a 30-pack of Bud Light, but we’re really excited.

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A Moment of Glee: It’s a Britney Spears Sex Riot!

So, in terms of storyline, the Britney Spears episode of Glee had no purpose. As an hour-long viewing of Glee versions of Britney Spears’ music videos, it was AMAZING. I still don’t understand why these kids would love Britney so much (they were around 4 when “Hit Me Baby…One More Time” came out), but I guess I’m just not in tune with the kids these days.

Rundown, rundown!! John Stamos is a dentist and is dating Emma; Mr. Schue has gone crazy; Sue hates Britney Spears; Rachel tries to get Finn to stay off the football team; Artie wants Tina back; Rachel dresses up in a school-girl costume; the Jew Fro kid is major creeps; Brittany is a seriously awesome dancer; Terri appears in a fur vest! Bonkers!

Next week: Grilled Cheese Jesus and Billy Joel!

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DWTS: Putting an End to BooGate

I love that little Piper.

Whew. I’m glad DWTS went to the video tape and cleared up what many in the press thought was the booing of Sarah Palin. If they had just watched past those 25 seconds of the show they would have realized that the booing was clearly for what the audience thought was low scores for Jennifer Grey. And when Sarah was interviewed the crowd cheered for her. I mean, they could have been booing her leather jacket, but they definitely were not.

Now that all of this is past us, let’s get to the voting!

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