Chipotle Unveils Gold Burritos, Magazine about Gold Burritos

So I’m pretty miffed. I’m a journalist and I frequent the local Chipotle more times than should be allowable by human law and etiquette. Yet today, Chipotle announced that it has started its own magazine, – The Gold Burrito Digest – and I don’t see my name anywhere on the masthead. The shame.

For starters, I would have written a much better press release. You can’t have “Limited Time Unlimited Time Only” marketing programs, Chipotle. Also, silver aluminum foil is not iconic. It’s aluminum foil. But I guess I can put all this behind me and continue to dine at your establishments. It’s really the only nourishment I get.

Today marks the beginning of Chipotle’s 18th birthday – which means the restaurant is now able to buy cigarettes and vote – and company execs have come up with the “Gold” marketing campaign as a way to celebrate.

“Traditionally an 18th anniversary is celebrated with porcelain, but that clearly wouldn’t have worked,” said Mark Crumpacker, the Chipotle’s chief marketing officer. “So we opted for gold. It’s a lot easier to wrap around the burritos and let’s face it, it’s pretty stylish in a 70’s sort of way.”

I’m not sure how gold foil is easier to wrap up burritos, but I will agree with Mr. Crumpacker that it does look pretty pimp-tastic. Now all the burritos need are diamond necklaces and a canes.

Happy Birthday Chipotle. I love you.

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