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Manhattanhenge 2012

Manhattanhenge 2011. Photo courtesy of Gothamist.

So I’ve never experienced this before, but I think it will be pretty cool.

If you’re in New York City tonight at sunset, watch as “the setting Sun aligns precisely with the Manhattan street grid, creating a radiant glow of light across Manhattan’s brick and steel canyons,” according to Hayden Planetarium. This phenomenon, known to us as Mahattanhenge, is kind of like Stonehenge in the U.K., where the “Sun rises in perfect alignment with several of the stones, signaling the change of season.” Except, you know, I’m pretty sure ours is a fluke.

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All You Can Do Is Laugh At It

Ugh. I don’t even like seeing it on the page. Also, what is “fake” mayo?

There are definitely days in my life where nothing too extraordinary happens, and I tend to fall into a lull of security, thinking that maybe we’ve turned a corner, and a sense of normalcy in my life will reign forever. Then, something happens to remind me that normal will never be in the cards. There will never be a time when things aren’t utterly ridiculous. The crazy will always be following me. Case and point, an email I received yesterday:

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A Brief Rundown of What’s Going on With My Facebook Page

I’m sure it’s been said that you can tell a lot from someone by looking at their Facebook page. This is totally true. There’s no way at all that someone would be merely projecting a false outward appearance to the world to make everyone think they’re super cool, super secure, super busy and super happy with their life. Sarcasm noted.

Fortunately for all of you, my own Facebook page is pretty much like talking right to me. But on further study, that it absolutely horrifying. Do you know the kind of crazy that is going on all over my Facebook page right now?!? Well, I’m going to show you.

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