Thanksgiving Three Words 2015!

Current situation: home sick in bed. The excitement of the upcoming holiday has gotten the better of me, and as I type I’m spraying chloraseptic into my mouth and bouncing in and out of a Nyquil-induced haze. So bear with me.

My time trapped in my apartment has given me the opportunity to watch this video about five million times. And though I’m biased, I think it’s wonderful. Most of you keep your three words secret until the big reveal. A lot of you don’t even know each other. But each year, there is a common thread of gratefulness that just makes the whole thing work. That’s what I love about this project, and that’s what I love and appreciate in all of you.

I’m so glad we all have the chance to count our blessings each year, especially as we all learn how much they change from Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I do, and thank you all again, as every year, for making it so special.

Happy. Thanks. Giving.

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One response to “Thanksgiving Three Words 2015!

  1. Aunt Binkie

    Fantastic job Kelly! Love this great Thanksgiving tradition! XO

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