The Annual Thanksgiving Three Words Video!

About a month ago, I started to become extremely stressed with the normal, mundane, everyday kind of stuff. I could feel my body tighten every time I had to get on the bus and make my commute across town. I became restless wondering how I was going to finish all of the schoolwork I have left this semester. I was frantically checking my email and writing down lists of everything I had to do in a single day. And I worried constantly about all of the things in the world I can’t control. About a month ago, I also sent out my annual email asking everyone to tell me what they’re thankful for this year, and it changed everything.

I always enjoy putting together the stuff my friends and family send in. But this year, you guys really changed my negative perspective into a thankful heart. Every time we do this, I’m reminded of how lucky we all are. Even when a year is tough, you all still find ways to make yourselves smile. It’s a great lesson, I think, and one that everyone should carry with them for the next 365 days, until we all meet again here, with our Thanksgiving Three Words.

All my love to everyone on this Thanksgiving holiday and always. I am very, very thankful for all. of. you.

XO Kelly

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