Thanksgiving Three Words 2016!

This year, amiright? So many things happened in 2016 that I never in a million years would have expected. And many of them I didn’t like. But the crazy thing about the unexpected—even the bad stuff—is that the more it happens, the more it makes you believe in the unbelievable. If you consider that outlook, it means there’s more room for hope, there’s more room for surprises, and there’s more room for those things you don’t dare to dream to come true.

We’ve been doing this video for five years now, and it seems that each year has brought its own challenges. But each year has also brought us so much good, and I appreciate that all of you take the time to recognize that when you do this project with me.

Let’s keep thinking of all that good, and let’s bring this Thanksgiving spirit into 2017. The world needs good people, so tag, you’re it.

After you’ve finished this year’s video, visit Thanksgiving Videos past at the links below. Happy. Thanks. Giving.

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