Everyone’s a New Yorker when Jay-Z’s Around

Now, I have to admit, the minute I heard “Empire State of Mind” I immediately wanted to mix it with Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” Not that they would sound good together, but mostly because I think of Old Blue Eyes as an Old Standard, and Jay-Z as the new one. And for that reason, when I finally appear on Dancing with the Stars someday, “Empire State of Mind” with be the soundtrack to my Foxtrot (hopefully with Mark Ballas, fingers crossed!).

Anyway, New York Magazine has put together the “Ultimate New York Playlist,” and while of course the old and new NY anthems are there, NY Mag didn’t forget the Pogues or Simon and Garfunkel. I do however question “Jenny from the Block,” and would have liked to have seen Billy Joel’s “Miami 2017,” but that’s just me.

Read it at nymag.com: http://tiny.cc/OsSzD

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One response to “Everyone’s a New Yorker when Jay-Z’s Around

  1. Denny

    “Start spreadin the news……..”

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