EHarmony Foils Itself

Having just moved to Beantown, I put myself on EHarmony to meet some new guys and, I’m not gonna lie, maybe get a free dinner. But for the past few weeks I’ve been fairly certain that EHarmony’s claims to be matching me “across 29 levels of compatibility” are hogwash and that they basically just match me with anyone in a 30-mile radius.

Last night my suspicions were confirmed when I found that I was matched with a friend of a friend from college. I’m a pretty good judge of who I like and don’t like. I think I would have realized six years ago that me and this guy were perfect for each other. So basically EHarmony’s calling me stupid, and I don’t take that from anybody. (I’m going to refrain from going into the story about my first EHarmony date calling the 5-year-old version of myself “fat.” I’m saving that one for the book.)

So EHarmony, you’re on notice.

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One response to “EHarmony Foils Itself

  1. Audrey

    I love any and all KC eHarmony stories!! I think you should write to eHarmony. Let them know their methods are flawed. Ooooh, or you take out a full page ad in the B.Globe.That will put them on notice. (If you are interested, can I design the ad? Can I be your spokesperson? I need a new gig…)

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