My DVR is Working Overtime Today

Last week I called Comcast and ordered a DVR for two reasons: 1)Because I’m fairly certain I’m not going to be able to stream the first and second days of the NCAA Tournament and will therefore miss my favorite holiday of the year – THE OPENING ROUNDS! 2)Because today, similar to the first days of the NCAA Tournament, is the day when two great conferences join forces to create a full day of non-stop basketball. Yes, today at Madison Square Garden, the top four Big East teams finally take the court, while down in Greensboro, NC, the ACC Tournament kicks off its first-round games. (Not to mention I’ve got The Office and 30 Rock to watch!)

So starting at noon we’ve got the UVA-Boston College (GO EAGLES) match-up which, despite me being a BC alum, doesn’t seem all that exciting. The Eagles won handedly in their last meeting, so I’m predicting they will move on to the quaterfinals. The winner of this game will play Duke on Friday, and the Blue Devils are probably hoping for a Virginia win since the Eagles routinely give the Blue Planet a hard time.

Also at noon (!) Georgetown will face off against Big East No. 1 seed Syracuse. I really have no words, this game is going to be phenomenal. I just have a feeling. Immediately following, Marquette will play Villanova, while Wake and Miami will take the court in Greensboro.

In my opinion (which I agree with, but you don’t have to), the better night schedule goes to the Big East, as Notre Dame (with Harangody back) takes on Pitt, and Cincinatti looks to oust West Virginia (who is hoping for a championship run and a shot at a No. 1 seed in the NCAA’s). But who knows? The ACC has been so inconsistent this year, you could get two of the greatest games ever out of GT/UNC and Clemson/NCST.

In any case, I gotta a feelin’….that tonight’s gonna be a good night.

Basketball Schedule: Thursday, March 11

ACC Tournament Bracket

Big East Tournament Bracket


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2 responses to “My DVR is Working Overtime Today

  1. Denny

    Whoever you are, this is a really good commentary on today’s games – the start of the “Best Season Of The Year”. Offices around the world will slow down productivity over the next few weeks to focus on the best event known to man.

  2. I just want to say…called it!

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