A Vigil for The Office

Courtesy of NBC

Since the second half of this season’s Office began, I’ve been a tad worried that Ricky Gervais was right when he told the Golden Globes audience that the American version has “jumped the shark.”

At first I thought the story line with Sabre was a good thing. I was highly anticipating Jim and Pam’s baby delivery. And I was very excited for what’s was to come from Ed Holmes, now that his name is mentioned in the opening credits. However, I’ve been less than impressed with the second half of the season. I guess I should have known when they started it out with a “clip” episode.

However, last night’s Office was pleasantly surprising. I actually LIKED Kathy Bate’s Jo and how she dealt with Michael. And I always love the episodes where Michael acts less stupid and takes care of his peeps. I’m glad that Jim in back in the central part of the office, and is once again involved in a Dwight/Jim fray to end all frays (MEGADESK). And I LOVE that Darryl is now upstairs and out of the warehouse because of his smart thinking and ability to speak up. I think that entire plot line is going to be SPECTACULAR. Who knows, maybe Darryl will take over Michael’s job, and office, and start dating Jan…the possiblilties are endless.

I guess my biggest critique is that the characters have gotten too comfortable in who they should be and how they fit into the office mold. But bear in mind, these are GREAT characters. So maybe its just a matter of time and a few shake ups before everyone is adorably awkward again. Save Erin, who’s whole foster brother, smelly feet situation was awkward enough for the whole episode.

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  1. Vivian Malta

    Hi Kelly! True, the past two eps have been fun, but I do think this show has “jumped the shark”.

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