Help Keep Little Kids Thinking Jesus is their Homeboy

Having attended and graduated from a small (11-kids-in-my-class small) Catholic school that was once in serious danger of closing, I applaud grocery magnate Patrick Roche and his wife for donating $20 million in support of Catholic education in Boston.

Not only did I receive a top-notch education while attending Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Highland Falls, NY, I learned to truly care about other people. Many of the friends I made at that school are still my friends to this day, 20 years later.

After threatening to close the school when I was in fifth grade, Bishop John O’Connor himself made a visit, shook hands with every single child, spoke with us and talked to the administration, and decided against it. Sacred Heart went on to receive Middle States accreditation, among other honors, as well as expand its after-school sports and arts programs.

Support your local Catholic schools. Who knows? Your child may grow up to be a blogger AND a good person.


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2 responses to “Help Keep Little Kids Thinking Jesus is their Homeboy

  1. Ganeene

    if only SHS could find a benefactor. enrollment could be significantly affected if the school taxes increase the 30% that is being thrown around. Will be very hard to afford that increase and the rising cost of SHS tuition…

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