Quote of the Day

If there is such a thing as soulmates, mine is either Jon Stewart or Tracy Morgan.

So, it’s no surprise that the last meeting of this pair has created today’s QoD. We all know that Tracy is crazy, which is hilarious, and Jon Stewart (or as he will now be referred to on the streets, “Stew-Beef”) is brainy and witty, which is also hilarious. So what could be funnier than these two men discussing Tobey McGuire, Burger King, and Tito Jackson cologne? Here’s the gem:

“I know I’m A-list because I went to Burger King yesterday and the fat girl behind the register put an extra Whopper with cheese in my bag and two extra apple pies, and then she winked at me. That’s when you know you’re at the top, when you get the extra Whopper with cheese. Two extra apple pies? Two? She could have lost her job [over] those two extra apple pies. Two. Super-sized French fries for no apparent reason. And, an extra-large Dr. Pepper. That’s magnificent. Do you remember…Moses?”

As an added bonus to this insanity, you also get the pleasure of seeing Jon Stewart just lose it. And, in case you haven’t had enough:

Tobey Maguire Owes Tracy Morgan $75

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