First Communion, Westchester-Style

Me and Brett

Now, I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure of spending time in the affluent Westchester County, NY, but my parents grew up there, and the majority of my family still live there and I have to tell you…it’s another planet.

On Saturday, my godson (who also happens to be my 7-year-old cousin) made his First Communion at Resurrection Church in Rye. I’ve never seen so many SUVs and blue blazers in my whole life. When I arrived at the church, I could have mistaken it for a yacht club, and the only phrase I had playing in my head was “I can’t have a chink in my chain, Focker.” I also couldn’t help but think of the Sopranos episode where A.J. gets confirmed – Carmela: “Act like a good Catholic for fifteen f**king minutes. Is that so much to ask?” Great episode. Watch it.

However, I had to get over the country bumpkin meets the big-city folk scenario that was playing in my head (after all, I do live in Boston now – Boston has more navy-blue blazers than Westchester by far), because there was a good chance my godson wasn’t going to go through with the sacrament ahead of him, and we all waited with baited breath to see if he actually put the communion in his mouth, instead of underneath his pew like he had taken to doing during practice. It got to the point where you couldn’t even mention Communion to him, or else he would drop into an angry tizzy.

My hair hurts just looking at this.

I don’t know if it was an act from God, or an angry eyebrow from his father, but fortunately, when Saturday rolled around, Brett was finally eager to make his First Communion, and handled it like a pro. See the video above for the proof (and hear me go “ooohh good job” from the cheap seats). He didn’t even make a funny face when I stuck my tongue out at him on my own way up to Communion. My little boy is growing up.

Now, if you think the blazer issue was crazy, check out the up-do on the little girl to the left. I imagine she and her mom went out for mani-pedis after church.


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2 responses to “First Communion, Westchester-Style

  1. Denny

    Catholic rituals and rites of passage combined with DERBY SATURDAY make for some very interesting and fun times. GOD BLESS TUCKER !

  2. jean carroll

    Thanks to Brett we had a wonderful day on Saturday especially the arts and craft table where someone at the party made an exact replica of Uncle Ray in a speedo. Miss you Tuck.

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