Little League World Series Championship: Hawaii vs. Japan

Photo courtesy of Fox Sports.

I’ve loved the LLWS since I was a little kid. I’ve been twice, and I just think it’s the coolest thing for young-in’s to get to play on such an international stage.

Coverage begins on ABC today at 3 p.m. as Hawaii takes on Japan in an epic battle not seen since Pearl Harbor. Ok, Pearl Harbor was probably worse; these are 11-year-old boys we’re talking about.

If you’ve never seen the LLWS before, and have a free afternoon, I highly recommend you watch. It’s great baseball, and for a few hours you might just feel like a little kid again. Batter up!


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3 responses to “Little League World Series Championship: Hawaii vs. Japan

  1. Kelly

    Please don’t make up a new screen name for a different 11 year old baseball player!!

  2. Alli

    I was watching this while my car was being inspected. The manager guy came over bc he thought (stupidly) that “girls don’t watch espn.” he started to change the channel and I screeched “are you kidding?! It’s the LLWS!”

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