The Quest is on its Last Leg; Highland Falls Braces Itself for the End of an Era

The Quest: 1993-2010?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but I heard over the weekend that the Rose family’s Nissan Quest – the most infamous seafoam-green van to ever drive the earth – is on its last leg. Let’s pause for a moment of silence.

The Quest was purchased approximately 15 (but probably more) years ago. A family van, it shuttled the Rose children (and their friends) to school, dances, movies, and countless sporting events. Around the neighborhood, the Quest was known for its quirky color, and people would always wave as it passed by.

During a brief low-point in the Quest’s life, another local family purchased the same vehicle and somewhat of a turf war broke out. Confused citizens waving at what they thought was the Rose’s Quest were brutally embarrassed to find another family inside the most-recognized automobile in town. The Rose’s Quest eventually came out the victor, but it was a long road. That other family may or may not have had to relocate.

The Quest is now moving into its twilight years parked in the Rose’s driveway, sans license plates (I know, the situation is dire). Visiting hours are from 10am – 3pm daily, with special memorials after Army football tailgates. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in the form of a check made out to “cash” sent to this blog. It’s what the Quest would have wanted.

The Quest will be survived by Bauer hockey equipment, college window decals and all of Mr. Rose’s Army Athletic Department paperwork.


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3 responses to “The Quest is on its Last Leg; Highland Falls Braces Itself for the End of an Era

  1. Kim Pugliano

    R.I.P. Quest

  2. Sarah

    I have fallin asleep in that car on the way home from shs basketball games more times than i can count.=) it will be missed

  3. Brother Jim

    God speed!

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