Quote of the Day

I get this feeling that the Sportscenter Rundown guy might actually be Tyler Neville:

When The Rundown was (technically) on the high school basketball team, messing around at the (very) end of the bench, waiting to get into the (well, any) game, Coach told us three things:
1. Stop messing around at the end of the bench. (In fact, what he actually told us was, “Stop making babies down there,” which didn’t really help his cause too much, honestly.)
2. Make your free throws.
3. Don’t save the ball from going out of bounds underneath your own basket.
But because Missouri is coached by Mike Anderson and not Bob Barker (not that one), maybe they weren’t told these things, because they erased an 18-point halftime lead by Georgetown only to miss three of four free throws in the last 19 seconds, then save the ball underneath their own basket, then watch Chris Wright to drain a three-pointer at the death that sent the game into overtime. Then, in overtime, Jason Clark hit three three-pointers to personally outscore the No. 8 Tigers, and the No. 14 Hoyas left Kansas City with the 111-102 upset win.

He’s so informative.

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