Roses at Random

I don’t know TK, but this video is cute, it’s in Boston and he’s a friend of a friend, so I’m going to pretend that I do. And since I work right across the street from the Public Garden, I’m kind of upset I didn’t make it outside in time to get a rose. Some things to note while watching:

1. The women of Boston have the best cold-weather clothing.
2. It’s kind of ballsy to give flowers to a girl with a boyfriend.
3. Watch the guy in the hooded-sweatshirt procure a flower for his girlfriend around the 1:40 mark. Sweet. Also watch the bald guy behind them who wants nothing to do with anything.

Rumor has it TK does this every year, so to all you ladies in search of some roses, there’s still a chance!


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2 responses to “Roses at Random

  1. Wish I can run into the guy and get roses. It’s something that most girls would appreciate.

  2. Katie

    4) Some of those girls take the rose and keep on moving as if they’re handed roses from guys all day every day. What?! I’d be WAY more excited. I like the lady who felt like this was probably some kind of trick or something.

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