Scenes from the Green Line: The MBTA Store!

Checkbook cover! With a map!

So everyone I’ve mentioned this to already knew about it, but I think it’s awesome so I’m posting it here now: to allegedly try and cut away at its ginormous deficit, the MBTA (that’s the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for you non-Bostonians) has started to sell paraphernalia. The quality of product definitely sees its share of lows here, but overall, I’m kind of in love with everything. Let’s look at the catalog!

Now, I would never, ever, consider the T to be high-end, but as far as state-run transportation businesses go, there are definitely some pieces here you could hang in your home. Take the Wall Art section, for example. Starting at a mere $15, you can be the proud owner of a 1910 System Map print. Who doesn’t want that?

However, maybe to appeal the masses, I’m not sure, the MBTA store counteracts these decorative pieces with things like T jeans, and a T-map tie. For $160, I can buy jeans that don’t have a picture of Boston’s subway structure on the ass, thankyouverymuch. And the tie? Well it just has a lot going on.

Now what I really want, because it’s freakin awesome, is a replica T-station sign. Actually, I want three: Cleveland Circle, St. Mary’s and Boston College – all the places I’ve lived over my nine years here. And, since I’ve recently decided to not renew my lease and most likely move away from Beantown at the end of August, I think I need them as a solid reminder of where I’ve been, so when I’m 100 I can point at them and tell my great-grandchildren stories about the lady who used to live at the St. Mary’s stop who wore newspapers on her feet and used to eat pages from the Bible at the BU Barnes and Noble. Ahhhh, memories.

So I think you guys should also check out the journals, greeting cards and home goods (there’s a shower curtain involved). And browse around everything else, because honestly, some of it’s super kitsch and pretty cool. I smell some going away presents!

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  1. Audrey Marie

    I want the St. Marys Street sign!!!! And I remember that crazy lady with newspapers on her feet. Oh Boston! I miss you 🙂

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