Happy Birthday Jack!

Black Jack

Twelve years ago, two Labrador Retrievers were left alone with a babysitter, under strict instructions that they were not to be in the same room together ever. Clearly that babysitter did a terrible job, because just a short time later, a litter of yellow and black puppies was born unto the world.

Also 12 years ago, Denny Carroll was lecturing Jeanie and Kelly Carroll about the responsibilities of having a new puppy, and how, under no circumstances were we allowed to get one. Ever. Clearly Denny Carroll did a terrible job, because just a short time later, Jeanie and Kelly came home with the most adorable black lab puppy you have ever seen.

In my defense, Jack chose us. As a puppy, his feet were oversized and his butt was too big for how quickly he wanted to run. He galloped over to where I was standing when we went to see this new litter, and after three steps, tripped and fell over at my feet. I was smitten at first sight.

Over the past 12 years, he has brought our family more joy than anything else in this world. As a puppy, he would plop himself down on top of you like a lap dog, and fiercely guard our house from things like children and aggressive deer. As an old-timer, he sits in the car with the air conditioning on full blast, and gets disoriented when you take off his red bandana. But he has always known the right moment to lean up against your legs to give you a hug and he is the best dog a family could ask for. Every day I love him more and more.

Happy Birthday Old Man! You are the best guy in the whole world!


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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Jack!

  1. Best Guy Ever ! ( I know he is at least 13, because he has been 12 for two years)

  2. Holly Beal

    You are a great dog Jack. We love you!!! Happy Birthday from your cousin CURLY RAY!!!! WOOF, WOOF

  3. Sam

    Happy Birthday Jack!

  4. Jean

    Happy Birthday my big guy. For anyone that has spent any time at our home over the years, you can remember Jack sitting with his butt on the couch and his feet on the floor (like a human) watching TV. Gotta love him.

  5. Fallon

    Happy Birthday Jack! You’re the best…Hudson misses you!

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