Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

IMG_4571 We’re another week into summer people. The weather has so far been cooperating, people are generally in a good mood, and the only part of my body that got sunburned over the weekend was the top of my ears. That’s a win in my book! Oh, and Independence Day is Friday!! Not sure how things can get much better, but here’s the stuff making me happy this week.

Back on the Boat: More than a year and a half after Superstorm Sandy, Captain Curly is back on the water! During the storm, two neighboring boats landed on her, and she’s been in the boat hospital since winter 2013. This past weekend, the Turnbull crew took her out to Great Gun (the end of Fire Island), over to the Moriches Inlet, and up the Ocean Ave. canal. She ran like a dream. Welcome back, Cap’n!

Declaration of Independence at NYPL: In honor of our independence, the New York Public Library will have on display a Thomas Jefferson copy of the Declaration of Independence from now through July 3. The document is handwritten (obviously, because, you know, it was the 1700s) and shows the full text, without corrections or alterations. For more information, visit the NYPL website. To view the document online, go here.

New Zumba Class: I’ve been hoping to get back into Zumba for sometime, but have been unable to find a class that wasn’t full of fairly old Upper East Side ladies with no sense of personal space or boundaries. I finally found one! The New York Sports Club on 86th and Lex offers a 45 minute class on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm. It’s taught by Mary Onyango, who also teaches the boot camp class right before, so you know she’s in sick shape. It’s amazing, check it out.

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