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The Annual Thanksgiving Three Words Video!

About a month ago, I started to become extremely stressed with the normal, mundane, everyday kind of stuff. I could feel my body tighten every time I had to get on the bus and make my commute across town. I became restless wondering how I was going to finish all of the schoolwork I have left this semester. I was frantically checking my email and writing down lists of everything I had to do in a single day. And I worried constantly about all of the things in the world I can’t control. About a month ago, I also sent out my annual email asking everyone to tell me what they’re thankful for this year, and it changed everything.

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Life Lessons Learned From Volunteering At Sloan Kettering

photo (20) A little more than two years ago, I walked into the Volunteer Resources office at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for an interview. The date was March 21, 2012, exactly one year since the death of my grandmother, who had passed away from pancreatic cancer and who was a patient at the hospital.

I had signed up to volunteer as a part of Sloan’s Visible Ink program. After about 10 minutes with the department’s coordinator, it was clear to her that I was better suited to become a visiting volunteer, someone who goes room to room a few hours a week to visit with patients who may be lonely, or without much company. On the surface, the job seems simple: a five minute chat, a check-in. But I can tell you, for me, it’s been life-changing.

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It’s a Hard Knock Life: UPDATE

Since I’ve alerted all of you to this fiasco, I thought I should let everyone know that my wallet has been found and is now back in my possession where it belongs. I have to thank the staff at the Palace Theater for being so awesome, especially Tom, the carpenter, and the glamorous Barbara with the fabulous headscarf. I also need to thank Uncle Tom and Aunt Eileen for being so awesome in times of crisis, and my mom, for her efforts:

Jean: It wasn’t stolen from you. I think you did what you think you did and that was thinking that you put it in your pocketbook and instead laid it on top of it and when you picked up your bag the wallet fell on the ground. A very very nice family that had to pass your seat to get out picked it up, tried to catch up with you and couldn’t so they bought it to the lost and found. period, end of story.
me: haha do we live in a fairytale world?
Jean: yes and I like it here

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