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Dr. Sam Presents…Back Pain: Using a Clothesline as a Flagpole

Back pain is nearly universal, being the second most common cause for doctors visits overall, and increases in likelihood as we age. One of the most insightful and hilarious commentaries I have encountered recently regarding back pain was on comedian Louis CK’s eponymous show “Louie”. Louis throws his back out while reaching for a vibrator on a shelf at a sex shop. It’s super awkward and cringe-worthy. He hobbles home, complete with the emasculating experience of being helped into a cab by a tiny, elderly woman, and stops in the doctor’s office in the lobby of his New York apartment building. Here’s a short clip of the beginning of this exchange:

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Introducing…Our Very Own Dr. Sam!

We’ve added a real live doctor to the staff! Dr. Sam is a neurologist and my best friend since we almost got kicked out of confirmation rehearsal in eighth grade. For her first post, she would like to share with you some insight into her recent move to the laid-back state of Colorado. If you like Dr. Sam (and I know you will), she’ll be giving medical advice on this blog from here on out. Send any and all questions to us via email at, or on Twitter @NoMadBlog.

Dr. Perfectionist, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Disorder

I’ve never met a to-do list I didn’t like. I have a permanent to-do list in the reminders app on my phone, as well as a small notebook I keep handy for daily handwritten lists. It’s calming to write down what needs to get done, and cathartic to cross items out. Without my to-do list, I feel unsettled. I don’t like feeling unsettled. At all.


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