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Can’t Handle the Pretty: Coming this Spring

So it’s become quite clear to me that I need to be on television. No one will hire me to do anything, including the job I already have, and while my youth is being wasted away in a cubicle I feel I’m doing a disservice to the universe by not letting you all share in my humor, wit and advice. Enter, Audrey Marks.

While we don’t exactly have the capabilities of broadcasting ourselves, we do have this blog, and it’s just as good. Audrey and I would like to bring to you a show so moving, so in-depth, so hard-hitting, you’d think it was on OWN. If we could only just figure out how to record our conversations, we’d be all set (it’s not easy, believe us – we tried all Friday night to get this done; Google+ hangout is not your friend).

For now you’ll just have to settle with our trailer. And no, I haven’t been having mini-marathons of The West Wing in my apartment. Why do you ask? Enjoy this glimpse into what we have to offer to you, world!

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The Super Bowl’s Best Commercial

So everyone was oohing and ahhing over David Beckham this morning, but I’m kind of over him being in his underwear all the time. Put him in a three-piece suit and I think you got a better thing going on. Other things I’m over this morning: Gisele Bundchen, Bill Belichick’s cutt-off sleeves and M.I.A. I’m also kind of over all the commercials with the babies in them and the one with the chimps. Over. It.

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CIROC and Loving It

I have this great love of all things old school with a modern twist. So I’m going crazy over this Ocean’s Eleven/Rat Pack-esqu CIROC commercial. I’m going to put aside the fact that there’s some legit randos here (um, hi, Chad Michael Murray), but I think the entire concept is amazeballs. And I can’t say no to a guy in a three-piece suit. Merry Christmas.

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