So Tiger Woods is Back…

Tiger Woods will return to golf at the Masters.

There isn’t much I hate more in the world than people who cheat and lie. Except people who act with no regard to other people’s feelings. Funnily, Tiger Woods fits into all three of these categories, and I’m still excited about his return to golf next month.

I’m not his wife. I’m not his child. And I’m not his mother. But I am a fan, and I think my Tiger Woods fan-dom has led me down a path unlikely. Tiger Woods is the best golfer to ever live. It’s minutely up for debate. So don’t I, as a fan, deserve to see him succeed?

I want to see Tiger break records. I want to see Tiger “tame Augusta” as he used to do. I would love to go back to 1997, and watch Tiger march to the 18th green with an astronomical lead over everyone else in the field – the crowds, PGA tour management, and his caddy following right along behind him.

I think the best thing Tiger Woods can do as an apology to us fans IS come back to golf. Come back to golf and hand everyone on the PGA tour a serious ass-whooping. Break those records as quickly as possible. And then maybe, just maybe, trail off quietly into the night, to fix everything else he has broken.

Tiger, we’ll see you April 8.


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2 responses to “So Tiger Woods is Back…

  1. Indira Mandoske

    So should John Edwards return to politics??

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