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Champagne Problems at an Upper East Side Voting Station

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited to vote. During the presidential election of 2004, I was in college, and voted via absentee ballot. In 2008, I was working as a reporter in the Hamptons, unable to go home to vote, and again, submitted my choice via absentee. I so looked forward to casting my vote at a polling station, among people also in love with government, politics, and civic duty.

It’s now clear that I expected too, too much.

With the day off of work, I took my time getting my act together this morning and slowly made my way down to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on E. 74th Street. I got on the line, which bent up 1st Avenue, at 9:45a.m. It was chilly out, but the sun was shining, and my spirit was still way up.

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Recovering from Sandy

Editor’s Note: Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, and boy, did she leave a wake. Many parts of New York and Long Island are devastated by this unprecedented storm, but the truth of the matter is, it could have been much worse. In my opinion, the first responders, the government officials, and people of these areas did an amazing job getting through this storm, and I applaud them for their resilience.

Our friends at Douglas Elliman reached out this week to provide some helpful tips for getting back to normalcy after the storm. I wanted to help them share these tips with you. I hope they are some help to anyone starting to rebuild.

If anything, this event has only made me love New York more.

Recovering From Sandy

In response to the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, it’s important that apartment and condo owners living in the New York City, New Jersey and coastal areas of the upper northeast approach the many stages of recovery in the correct manner.

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Don’t Worry Guys, I Found the Root of All Our Problems

Before we get going with tonight’s Presidential Debate, I wanted to let everyone know that I found the root of the economic crisis, the unemployment rate, and the obesity epidemic.

Yesterday, while I was innocently sitting in a Chipotle on Broadway and 110th Street (I know, this doesn’t give me a lot of credibility), I spied a full-grown man wearing this Nike t-shirt. Ok, let’s walk it back slowly.

1) Why would anyone admit to being lazy? I can certainly think of a few people this t-shirt would fit perfectly, but I know none of them would own up to the fact that they are squandering their talents. I don’t know the gentlemen who was sporting this garb yesterday, but judging by his dirty hair, headband, mesh basketball shorts, and slippers on the sidewalk, I’d venture to say he wasn’t being ironic. So there are people out there who don’t care if others think they are lazy. Ok. Minus one for America.

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