If This Happens, Long Island Will Definitely Become Its Own State

Could Steve Levy's run for governor clear the way for Ed Romaine to make Long Island the 51st state??

New York magazine, and I’m sure a mess of other news outlets, announced today that Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy will be changing his party status to Republican in order to more easily win a primary and campaign to become governor of New York. I have a problem with this on several levels:

1. Steve Levy’s mustache is out of control and I can’t have someone running my home state that can’t even keep his facial hair to himself.

2. I think the governor job is a big leap from county executive, especially in NY. New York is a home rule state, and while the government in Suffolk County has a bigger role than maybe other New York counties, I think the true power really lies with the town and local governments. Can we please have someone who is qualified and not sleeping with hookers? I don’t really think that’s a lot to ask. Note: I’m referring to our last two governors. Not Steve Levy.

3. If Levy leaves his county exec post, I think Ed Romaine (county legislator from Center Moriches) will take over. That man has so much power, and so much love for Long Island, that it will definitely become its own state. And will probably legally change its name to STRONG Island….never-mind, I just re-watched this video:

Strong Island to Become Its Own State

Let’s make this happen.

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One response to “If This Happens, Long Island Will Definitely Become Its Own State

  1. Denny

    Maybe things will go back to the politics after the American Revolution, and Long Island will align themselves with Massachusetts like they wanted to do ?

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