NCAA Basketball Weekend Recap

WHAT a weekend it was! While I was in Providence, Northern Iowa was putting the hurt on Kansas. After that game, the two people in the entire world who may have still had perfect brackets were dunzo. I don’t think anyone really made it out of the first weekend alive, and my new Final Four prediction is Cornell, St. Mary’s, Northern Iowa and Syracuse (we’ll leave a number one seed in there just to keep it interesting).

NCAA Basketball Second Round - Providence, RI Photo by Allie Lastowski

I had a great time with my friends Allie and Nick at the Providence games, and while the Ohio-Tennessee match-up left a lot to be desired (and Bruce Pearl didn’t wear his orange blazer), I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go. I know no other person in the world other than myself that would rather spend a 75 degree, sunny day inside a dark and cold gym (besides my dad, who taught me everything I know).

Yay for college basketball! Just watch the video, you’ll see how much fun we had (its grainy and there’s a weird watermark because I had to convert files, but I promise, the videos will get better as I work my way to becoming the greatest blogger ever, and total world domination):

UPDATE: This video should be better:


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5 responses to “NCAA Basketball Weekend Recap

  1. Indira Mandoske

    Looks like a good time!
    My brackets are DONE!
    But GO DAWGS!

  2. krista

    you counting out your WVA now? i picked cornell… yesssss. but only to go to the 32. oh well. ‘cuse all the way!

  3. EJR

    Great job, this is a blog I can really enjoy reading — I am sure you are headed for success in journalism — a Pulitzer is out there on the horizon.

    Good luck to Matt and the Mountaineers! but— Duke and Syracuse are my favorites.

  4. Audrey

    Super behind on my blog reading. I just watched the video! I love that you give “avid fan” credit. No doubt he appreciates this as well. Now come to Texas and you can do a travel diary video! 🙂

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