Tina Fey Has All the Luck

Photo courtesy of boston.com.

If I could be one other person in the world, it would probably be Tina Fey. She’s talented, successful, good-looking, and seems like an all-around cool chick. It’s what I aspire to be. But I have to say I was completely and utterly jealous of her this morning when I read that her next 30 Rock co-star is going to be Matt Damon.

I don’t really know how this storyline is going to play out; will Damon play a nerdy writer that falls head over heels in love with Liz Lemon? Will he play a Jack Donaghy disciple in a suit that Liz can’t resist? And what will his relationship with Tracy Morgan be like, because there MUST be some Tracy-Damon interaction in this storyline; do I need to remind you of Matt Damon’s portrayal of Dale Dudley from the Texas Wildlife Center on Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet? Classic.

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  1. Audrey

    I like your hat Rufus. (I know, it was the Janet episode…but still a Brian Fellows classic). Was the Damon one where he said he’d use the tail as a mustache and pretend to be an old man?

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