Dixie Carter: 1939-2010

If I had to make a list of the most influential television characters, Julia Sugarbaker would be right at the top. Growing up, my mom used to make me watch Designing Women for hours on end, and while at times uptight and strict, I always found Dixie Carter’s portrayal of Sugarbaker to be right on point (yes, even at five I could critique network television).

I learned a lot of lessons from her character: how to be strong but still be a lady, how to be classy and still have fun. And in honor of Dixie Carter and her wonderful talent, here’s a great clip that sums up Julia Sugarbaker to a tee.


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3 responses to “Dixie Carter: 1939-2010

  1. Indira Mandoske

    Great blog….loved the clip! RIP Dixie/Julia

  2. C.

    I read somewhere that since Carter was a red-blooded conservative and Linda Bloodwoth-Thompson (and by extension, Julia Sugarbaker) a true-blue liberal, every time the writers made her character go off on a stemwinder Carter made them let her sing a song.

    • Indira Mandoske

      Yes she loved to sing …I remember hearing her on a talk show a few years ago talking about her cabaret act at the Carlyle Hotel, a then her singing.

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