The New York Times Loves Garrison, NY

Down by the train, Garrison, NY. James Estrin/The New York Times

“ROBERT A. MCCAFFREY, who has lived all of his 67 years in Garrison, across the Hudson River from the United States Military Academy at West Point, can recount stories of buyers who moved in, lured by the astonishing beauty of the area, and then within a year sold their homes and left for someplace closer to supermarkets and other suburban amenities.”

“‘This is really the country,’ said Mr. McCaffrey, a real estate agent in the neighboring village of Cold Spring, ‘and you have to be prepared for that.’”

I’m not really sure what’s so inconvenient about Garrison, but I guess if you’re moving up from New York City, not having a Duane Reade on every corner is considered roughing it. Garrison is truly a beautiful place to live, with great people and lovely scenery. If I had the money, I would definitely have a home there (I already have one picked out, so if someone wants to buy it for me, give me a call).

Even though the Times did get some of the facts wrong (Penny and John Seekircher have not lived in their home for 28 years, for example; trust me, I used to play with the chickens and goats at their last house), I think the slide-show tells the greatest story: that Garrison is a gem on the Hudson.

Read it here.

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One response to “The New York Times Loves Garrison, NY

  1. Indira Mandoske

    As a 1963 GUFS grad, I love that picture of the school.
    Garrison will always be in a special place in my heart. It was a wonderful place to grow up in!

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