Are You with Us or Against Us?

I decided a few months ago that I was going to attempt the unthinkable: jump out of a plane. For those of you who know me well, you’re probably thinking “the hell she will.”

Well, the dye has been cast because I’ve set a date and found a place and all I need to do now is try not to vomit as we climb thousands of miles into the air above Long Island.

I’ll be keeping a countdown of the “Days ‘Til the Drop” on the sidebar to the right (no, your other right) and a tally of who’s on board. So far it’s just me and two crazy Dommermuth kids. They’re up for anything.

If you want to join us and I haven’t spoken to you about this yet, just e-mail me at and we’ll get you fitted for a nice parachute. T-minus 82 days.


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5 responses to “Are You with Us or Against Us?

  1. C.

    Mmmm. Don’t think you could persuade me to jump out of a plane, but I think if you’re gonna you better go full boat. I’d be willing to contribute to a fund to acquire a gold lame pimp cape, crunk dancers and a hype man, in the furtherence of this endeavor.

    “Who dat crazy b*tch fallin’ out of the sky? DKC! What? DKC!”

  2. RJ

    Where’s the dotted line?

    Nicole Schulz & R.J. Turnbull

  3. Indira Mandoske

    All of you are braver than I could ever be!!! Can’t wait to see the video….I trust there will be one!
    Aunt Binks

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