I Imagine the Fight Would be Something Like West Side Story

Weir and Lysacek, Hall and Oates Style. Image courtesy of zimbio.com

So, Olympic figure skaters Johnny (I love Gaga) Weir and Evan (Dancing with the Stars) Lysacek are in a verbal battle that is heating up as we speak.

According to reports, the pair, who have (allegedly) been at odds since Johnny roomed with Evan’s (alleged) GF – ice-dancer Tanith Belbin – at the Vancouver Olympics, are now fighting over comments Evan made to the Indianapolis Star this week.

Basically, from what I’ve read, Evan insinuated that Johnny wasn’t good enough to join others for Smucker’s Stars on Ice, and that he shouldn’t have whined about not being chosen. To which, Johnny replied “We are at war. My claws are out.” According to People.com, Johnny also called Evan a “slore,” a mix between a slut and a whore. Love. It.

It also should be noted that Evan won the gold medal in Vancouver, while Johnny didn’t make it to the medal podium at all. Johnny also has been vocal about people not liking his “flamboyant” attitude.

If this thing ever blows up, we could be witness to the best dance battle of all time.


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34 responses to “I Imagine the Fight Would be Something Like West Side Story

  1. That’s funny…Great post 🙂

  2. hahahahah! This is too funny!

  3. Get ready for some ultimate prancing! lol.

  4. LauraT

    This is hilarious! Love it!

  5. Love your use of ‘slore’! A dance battle is just what we need.

  6. Awesome. For me the main difference is that Johnny Weir seems an intelligent, funny person (see the ironic claws for war and slore which I agree rocks) while Evan Lysachek… I just can’t shake the impression that he simply does what’s he told, when he’s told. So yes, in case it’s not been clear – if there is an out and out fight I’m firmly in Johnny’s corner, though I would prefer for them to just grow up and make up. ;D

  7. Indira Mandoske

    I can’t wait for an occasion to use “slore”!

  8. Watch out for those claws, Evan!

  9. How prestigeous could “Smucker’s Stars on Ice” be? It’ll probably air on a Sunday afternoon against an infomercial.

  10. Beauty and the Handsome. O.o
    Like Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.


  11. They’re both great skaters. And smart enough to know the value of an ongoing public “feud.”

  12. Songbird

    Too funny and I love the pic…lol!! Evan’s GF???….hmm… well… and I am so gonna start using slore….lol!

  13. Ghulab Khush

    What a fascinating experience!

  14. Well, if this will give us better performances on ice, bring on the slore fight. Will it be better than any bi*** slap? These two are the better artistic guys anyway and it could get interesting. Bring in the cranky Russian as well.

  15. I have met them both, and both were very nice to this doe-eyed, admiring fan.

    However, there is just something about Johnny that I adore, and I favor him over Evan.

    Smucker’s is stupid to not include him. I mean, they cast Michael Weiss over Johnny? He is so washed up. Johnny may not have medaled, but his a fan favorite and way more appreciated than some of the other cast members.

    Evan needs to get off his high-horse.

  16. team johnny all-the-WAY. he is SO my unofficial gay boyfriend. now someone just needs to tell HIM that…

    ps – im just noticing right now that you and i use the same WordPress theme!
    great minds…

  17. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!

  18. immon4u

    hm. Evan is my fav on DWTS

  19. really great post thanks

  20. Love “slore” – not heard that one before. Still doesn’t beat Chunk in Goonies with “Ass Munch” 🙂


  22. badmammy

    I think Evan is stuck up.

  23. Can’t wait for this showdown!!

    Ramona Kent
    Author of “Anomar’s Journey”

  24. As I remember, the Sharks and Jets settled things with fists, chains, and (eventually) knives. That might not be an unappealing option here.

  25. Sally Smith

    Wow… I think it’s sad that you people have no life and the best thing you have to comment on is a fairy fight between the two… Wow get a life

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  27. Lol can we get these two on a reality show where they share a small 2 bedroom apartment together. And where they work together switching positions between being boss and underling? Doesn’t that sound fantastic!

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  29. If I had a quarter for each time I came to kellyanncarroll.wordpress.com! Incredible article.

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