The Key to Any Good Party is the Tunes

How many of you have ever been at a party, having a great time, your favorite song blasting from the speakers, you’re singing at the top of your lungs, and all of a sudden the music stops because the prissy girl who likes herself too much or the beefy jock who’s had a little too much to drink have changed your song to something more their style? Not only does this embarrassingly leave you singing out-of-tune by yourself in the middle of the dance floor, but it’s also rude. Why can’t people just wait an average three minutes and 30 seconds?

Obviously this has happened more than once to the creators of a new site ( which allows you to survey your friends and future party guests on what jams will be needed at your next shindig.

After a simple sign-up, users can create contests (i.e. “Memorial Day Tunes”) invite friends, tally votes and download the songs you may not have but the majority has slated as in high demand. “Collaborative playlisting” – that’s what SongVote’s makers call it, and it’s a democratic way of telling the prissy girl or beefy jock where exactly they can put their iPod.

Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. But hey, if Wyclef’s “Perfect Gentleman” get’s the most votes, don’t be a jerk and overrule the majority. The people want what the people want.

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