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Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

We can all agree that the tragic death of the legendary Robin Williams has placed the entire country, if not the world, in a mild depression. The unexpected sadness that laid in his heart and mind will never be reconciled with the laughter he was able to bring to so many people. So in honor of a life that gave us so much good, I present the great things making me happy this week.

The Little League World Series Begins: I have several favorite times of the year, and they mostly revolve around sports—college football season, college basketball season, the time of year when college football season and college basketball season overlap, March Madness, and the end of August, which brings us the Little League World Series. I clearly have an obsession with amateur athletics, and you can’t get more amateur than kids playing America’s greatest pastime. Double elimination play starts today, with the American teams playing in one pool, and the international teams playing in another. The winner of each pool will play each other on August 24th. This is the event that has brought us countless stars, including my personal favorite, Todd Fraizer. It’s amazing. Get into it.

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Five 90s Bands You Remember And Miss

Now_That's_What_I_Ca''_the_90's It came to my attention last night that the incomparable Ma$e, the man who taught Ke$ha how to put a $ in her name, was poised for another comeback. I love Mase, so this was, quite literally, music to my ears. But it got me wondering about those other groups I oh so loved when I was nothing but a tween in a Starter jacket listening to the Top 9 at 9 on K104. Do they still air that? Yes, they do.

So I made up my Dream Team list of those bands I need to be famous again, because, well, I miss them. I also think it would be cool if they all got together and made some kind of Live Aid-like Christmas song (this will never happen; even I don’t really have my hopes up). I give you my list below, and I apologize in advance for any graphic content. If I could listen to it at 12, you can listen to it now. Blame my parents.

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Behind the Scenes: Call Me Maybe Video Shoot

So this “Call Me Maybe” phenomenon has more juice in it than I first expected. First Bieber, than me and my friends, then Katy Perry and James Franco, and now the Harvard baseball team is on board! No one can resist it!

Since you all are clearly calling for more, I’ve decided to give you a behind the scenes look at our video shoot (I’m also milking this for blog hits). From the very serious choreography of Brett Turnbull and Mychala Coughlin to the ridiculous light stick hats belonging to Biz Inc., I could not love these videos more. There’s also an appearance by Scout Ankeles! If only all of this could have made it into the final version!

So enjoy this peek into the making of our video!

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