Meet the Newest Member of the Turnbull Family!

Unfortunately, my aunt and uncle had to lay to rest their beloved French mastiff Tucker recently (We’ll miss you Tuck, you were such a great dog!). However, they purchased a new puppy (!) Riley – an American bulldog/mastiff mix – after falling in love with her on Mother’s Day. Say hi to Riley everyone! And watch as she plays with my cousins R.J. and Nicole’s pooch Kingston!!


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4 responses to “Meet the Newest Member of the Turnbull Family!

  1. jean carroll

    congrats to Ray and Donna. She is beautiful. Great addition to our family. Tuck would love her.

  2. Sam

    So cute! I think my favorite part though is when Nana says “He’s gonna have a Marma-duke face”.

  3. audrey

    Riley and Max Talbot need a play date. After seeing him frolick I think they would be besties.

    • Joey

      I loved your new little dog. I was so sad when I heard of Tucker going to doggie heaven but he is looking down now and is happy that you are happy again

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