Translation: Darrin’s Dance Grooves Leads to Dancing with the Stars

So, Erin Andrews and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye on a lot of things lately. Namely, I don’t like her dancing and she has no idea who I am and doesn’t care. But I (or to be honest, People magazine) may have found just the thing to help us put our differences aside and come to some kind of peaceful truce.

Ten years ago, I was a stocky, awkward sophomore in high school who liked Dawson’s Creek, playing basketball, and teaching myself how to dance with the Darrin’s Dance Grooves VHS tape my friend Sam got me for Christmas. From the looks of this video, Erin Andrews is part nerd, just like me (you have to wait ’til about the 44 second mark).

Now I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but I do remember a particular afternoon when me, Sam, Alli Smith and one Fred Nytko learned ALL the dances on this video. I also may have made them do the routines with me at school the next day, only to embarrass them to no end, but you know what? They didn’t have to listen to me, and I think part of them actually joined the nerd crew for those few hours too.

I wonder if Fred still knows the moves to “Crazy?”

And P.S. Where does Erin Andrews get off looking EXACTLY the same as she did 10 years ago?!


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2 responses to “Translation: Darrin’s Dance Grooves Leads to Dancing with the Stars

  1. Denny

    I bet you can dance “just as good as you want” !

  2. Alli

    i remember that very special day every time i hear that brit-brit song… not to mention motownphilly… i can still do that one start to finish 😉 nothing like a 5th grade talent show to start my career…

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