The Freedom Trail: A Good Walk Never Spoiled

In the eight years I’ve lived in Boston (off and on), I’ve done the Freedom Trail about one bigillion times. Funnily enough, I’d never finished the damn thing. In all the times that I’ve started following that red line toward the State House, past the Granary Burying Ground, toward Old City Hall and past the Old South Meeting House, I’d never once made it across the Harbor, into Charlestown and up Bunker Hill. Until this past weekend.

With my best friend Sam coming for a visit, I was determined to finish the Freedom Trail if it killed us. And it almost did. Those 300 or so steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument nearly did me in, and my legs are still sore (translation: I need to work out more). But sitting at the top of Bunker Hill, with the breeze blowing and the sky a bluer blue than I’ve seen in quite some time, I knew that taking a Saturday to complete the Freedom Trail was definitely worth it.

In total, the Freedom Trail is a measly 2.5 miles, but it seems much, much further. Maybe it’s because you stop and stare at the old-timey, Revolutionary-style buildings; or you creep into the graveyards to read off the famous names of men and women who died hundreds of years before you were even born. It could also be because, like me, many people take a break in the North End to dine on its fantastic Italian food, or pop into the Union Oyster House for a quick drink. Whatever your pleasure, the Freedom Trail walk is definitely an all-day affair.

Finally finishing the Freedom Trail, after all this time, made me really appreciate all my years in Boston. Every time I’ve taken the path, it’s been a little different (like Sam’s first time, when I made her carry her suitcase the entire way), and after all these years, coming to the end of the line seemed almost symbolic of my time here. I hate to say it, but this may have been my last Freedom Trail experience for a while. I’m glad I went out with a bang.


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20 responses to “The Freedom Trail: A Good Walk Never Spoiled

  1. I’ve lived in MA all my life, and didn’t manage to walk the Freedom Trail until I was 18, and it was on a high school field trip with my JROTC group. I didn’t expect it to be actually an enjoyable experience, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one in the group that was completely interested…. and not sweating, whining, or trying to inconspicuously locate some place to eat. =P Good times.

    Congrats on finally finishing it, though. Most people in Boston don’t even bother starting. Lol.

  2. Congratulations on finally finishing the Trail. It certainly is a day for blogging about achievements, between you and the young lady who blogged about eating a jumbo hamburger. I enjoyed reading about both.

    The Codger

  3. My cousin’s in Boston on holiday now…wish i was there too

  4. Wow, what an amazing way to spend a Saturday! Congrats on finishing it, too.

    Reading your ‘About Me,’ I gotta chime in and say home is where you make it; and I prefer to think of the earth – the entire planet – as my home vs. just a house in the suburbs. Wishing you safe travels toward your next destination…

  5. Thanks to you, countless people know about the Freedom Trail who did NOT know about it before today. Aren’t blogs wonderful?

  6. MJ

    I was on the Freedom Trail back in the 60’s, and way too young to grasp the full meaning. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have never done the trail before. It looks like time well spent.

  8. Songbird

    Well done! Good for you!! :o)

  9. Thanks for a great ride…now it’s Liberty from the Freedom trail for you…Nah, you’ll be back. But, hey. two and a half miles is a pretty good stretch when you think about it. See you on the blogs.

  10. Planning to visit Boston next year and was going to walk the Freedom trail but won’t do the last bit – must save some energy for the rest of the trip!

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  13. I have walked the entire Freedom Trail twice – and I live in England. I love Boston and if I was going to move to the USA would choose Boston. (Or course it is rated the most expensive place to live in the USA so that isn’t likely to happyen.)

  14. congrats on finishing!

  15. Sounds like a great day and well worth the pain and suffering. 🙂

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