Two More Episodes Until We Finally Understand what this has All Been about…Maybe

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So, this is silly, but I love when information that is basically immeasurable is put into graphs. And, in honor of the second-to-last episode of Lost, here are some serious questions that I still need answered:

1. How does Kate’s hair stay so clean? I seriously can’t go more than two days without looking like the Swamp Thing, yet after years (days?) on this island she seems to have just stepped off the set for her shampoo commercials. Must be all those years (days?) spent running from the law.

2. How is no one sunburnt?

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3. What’s in those backpacks? And were there that many backpacks on Oceanic Flight 815/in the Dharma houses that each stranded islander can have their own?

4. How did C.J. Craig go from being the White House press secretary/chief of staff to protector of the island? Will The West Wing and Lost be linked somehow (oh, only in my wildest dreams, but that would. be. awesome.)?

5. Why does the kid who played Walt have to star in Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercials now? Is it really his fault he grew a foot in two months and had to leave the show? Years (days?) have passed now, and I think we should bring him back!

Lost airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Click here for more Lost graph nonsense! Thanks Sandra!

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