Scenes from the Green Line…

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So, this was my morning commute: walk the 5-7 minutes from my apartment to Cleveland Circle. Discover lots of MBTA workers in orange jackets standing out in the rain with Boston police officers. Realize right then that it’s going to take me approximately five hours and 17 minutes to get to work. Pile onto MBTA bus because the T isn’t running. Creep down Beacon Street in morning traffic, sweating because the bus’ heat is on full blast. Get to the Brandon Hall T stop where I see that a humongous tree has fallen across the T tracks and landed on a car that will never be driven again. Realize that this must be the reason we’re taking the bus. Curse the MBTA for not being completely underground. Get off said bus at Coolidge Corner. Have short conversation with MBTA worker about how big this tree is. He tells me no one was killed. Have mild guilt attack after realizing that people’s safety never crossed my mind while I was too busy bitching about the rain and Boston transportation in general. Get onto packed T at Coolidge Corner and proceed down Beacon Street. Listen to people bitch and moan about the T being too crowded. Want to yell out “no one was killed!” just to make them feel bad. Get to work. Blog. The End.


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3 responses to “Scenes from the Green Line…

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  3. Sam

    I HATE THE T. That is all.

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