I Heart First Birthdays

I’ve finally come off of the sugar-high that was Chayce Turnbull’s first birthday. Root beer floats, cake, ice cream, not to mention chicken fingers and mac and cheese. Oh to be young again…wait, I ate that for dinner a week ago, by myself.

Anyway, thank you to Julie and Tim for such a great day, and for giving us the newest member of our family. And a big thank you to my dad, for not dressing up like “Junk-it the Clown” as he is prone to do for first birthdays. Seriously, there’s nothing scarier.

Also, I would just like it noted that my family basically runs away every time I come around with the camera. It’s subtle, but it’s there.


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2 responses to “I Heart First Birthdays

  1. jean

    What a great day and an equally great video. You are all so beautiful, Chayce being at the top of the list.

  2. What a great video and what a good looking family. I love the East Coast accents, your mom’s silly face she makes in the camera and the balloons that Chayce is captivated with. You have to teach me how to make such a video.

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