The Perks of the Job

The city of Boston, from my office. Well, kind of.

My company works out of two buildings in Boston’s Back Bay – one of which has a kick-ass roof patio with the gorgeous view you see above. And I can go there whenever I want. Take that!

Since the weather’s been pretty much phenomenal in the past few weeks, I was determined to make it to the roof patio for lunch some time soon, and yesterday it finally happened. Granted, it’s windy up there, and my Baked Lays ended up all over the place, but it’s small price to pay for some sun and a view. You’re jealous, I can tell.

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One response to “The Perks of the Job

  1. Audrey

    If I come visit and it’s nice, can we have lunch up there? I’ll pick up Cosi.

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