This Is What Happens When I Have A Free Sunday…

I make videos!

Now, if any of you have ever read this blog, even once, you’d know that I’m obsessed with three things:

1. My family
2. Memories
3. Memories of my family

So basically that’s what you’re getting in these videos. Memories my family has made at our beach house on Long Island. Just in time for summer. So crack open a cold beer and enjoy! (P.S. I call it Strong Island ironically. I just want to make that clear.)


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4 responses to “This Is What Happens When I Have A Free Sunday…

  1. Indira Mandoske

    Great!! Miss you! Love you!
    Aunt Binks

  2. Suzanne Janis

    Great video!!!! There are so many people with happy memories of the Long Island (Strong Island ) house. 🙂

  3. I’ve got a few memories at the “Strong Island” house as well. Papa’s jeep in the sand, taking a shower outside the house and watching our parents and Papa and Indira get REAL silly with each other.

  4. Kristachristine

    1. Waking up to naked people walking home from the garage party, when we were 10 years old.
    2. Our Aretha concert and the tape that never came off of your dad’s truck.
    3. Uncle Tommy’s ghost story on the dock.
    …and finally…
    “You are the butter on my pancakes.”

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