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In all fairness, I watch The Hills while I eat my breakfast in the morning, and before my 64 ounces of practically white, sugar-laden coffee is finished, nothing I encounter stands much of a chance. But the show has really taken a turn for the worst these past couple of weeks, and it’s gotten to the point where the only reason I’m sad to see it go is because without The Hills, there can be no Hills Recap, one of my MOST favorite things EVER.

From this week’s installment:

“‘How is his actions?’ counters Justin, who is suffering from some sort of singular versus plural blind spot. Audrina shrugs. ‘There are certain people you see that are meant, and there are certain people that you see, you can just tell. Not saying whatever, take that for what it is. You can tell, you can tell when two people are really happy,’ he finishes, looking at Audrina meaningfully. She seems to understand what he means, which is impressive, because even after numerous rereadings, we are left baffled.” – The Hills Recap: No More Seats, via nymag.com.

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One response to “Quote of the Day

  1. SM

    Never question JustinBobby. What is the phrase…a “bridge to nowhere?”

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